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Educational Fund (FBA)

1 - Five Million agreed to during 2006 bargaining 2 - Funding for all the unions in the FBA 3 - Administered by the Education Fund Committee 4 - Staffed by a Coordinator and Administrative Assistant


As a socially conscious union, HEU’s struggle for justice is aimed at ending discrimination and unfair treatment in all its forms – both in the workplace and in society at large. That commitment also reaches beyond our own borders, to workers in other countries who need our support and solidarity. And it is the cornerstone of our efforts to promote global peace, environmental awareness, and respect for human rights.

OH & S

One worker in Canada is injured every six seconds. And every 12.7 seconds, one is permanently disabled. Between 800 and 1,000 Canadian workers die each year from work-related hazards. These are alarming statistics, especially when you consider that health care has been identified as one of the most dangerous occupations in which to work. That’s why the Hospital Employees’ Union takes an active role in raising awareness and helping to provide safe working conditions for our members. Most workplaces have local occupational health and safety committees that include representatives from different health care unions and the employer. To get contact information for your local, talk to a local union officer or a shop steward.


Know your job Raise your hand for better training. Your employer is obligated to provide you with orientation and training in everything necessary to protect your health and safety at your job. This should include: Hazards in the workplace that may affect you Safety procedures and practices that apply to your work Location of the first aid supplies and/or facilities Procedures to follow in case of a fire or other emergency Identification of restricted or prohibited areas How to use personal protective equipment and maintain it Procedures for reporting hazards and accidents Close supervision by a competent person to ensure that you have been trained and have enough experience to perform the work safely


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